Sumo Sushi in Cinnaminson

Sushi is one of the famous foods that touched people lives across the globe.  Since it already crossed in all corners of the world, it is no longer a secret that a lot of sushi restaurants and bars are increasing. If you are currently thinking that there’s already a huge population for restaurants that are serving sushi, here is a new one that comes with a bang.

Last May this year, the Li family opened the Sumo Sushi in The Shoppes at Cinnaminson. The Li family is from South Philadelphia; they do own and do operate the Sumo Sushi. It was believed that the Sumo Sushi will be a resident frontrunner.

For the past two years, the Sumo Sushi was on the Broad Street. It was neighboring the Pine Street in Philadelphia. The manager named John Li along with his family members are the real owners of the business and they decided to bring their dishes across the river because according to them, they felt it was the appropriate time to do it. John Li is only 22 years old.

It is a big revelation when you enter the corner spot of Sumo Sushi. The corner spot was located next to the Verizon Wireless store. The main area is decorated with a design which is a rich walnut paneling on the other hand, there are also some lightning brightness as well as the trendy blinds which complement a stylish component.

One thing good about the Sumo Sushi is that they provided a menu which supplies to all statuses. Also, what you see is what you get. If they are pleasant to the eyes, they are also pleasant to the tongue.

Japanese-style lunches are provided and the price starts at $8.50. The lunch bento box offers the customer a salad, rice, California roll and a miso soup. On the other hand, a special sushi lunch is also provided. It costs $10.95. Mr. Li insisted that their special treats are indeed a good deal. For the price of 12.95 dollars and above, you can avail a dinner bento box. Of course, appetizers are also provided.

There are lots of foods in their menu. They cater foods for the vegetarians, sushi lovers, not lovers of sushi, meat lovers, seafood eaters, and complicated rolls for those people who want some zesty flavors.

If you are curious and you are longing for a sushi chef, you can watch them by seating at the seats available at the granite bar. If there are already some people who fill the vacant seats, you can go to the umbrella-draped zones to eat.

There are two 50-inch flat television screens and the restaurant is a WiFi zone, which is an in-demand location especially for businessmen and young adults.

If you want a convenient way to eat their foods, you can ask them to deliver it to your place because they do deliver every day to places like Delran, Riverton, Palmyra, some parts of Moorestown and Cinnaminson. The service charge is 1.25 dollars.


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