Rowan Boulevard Project in Glassboro

According to the officials, next month is the date in which the construction will start. It will start on a symposium setting and a hotel here as a part of the partial and uncompleted improvement project.

In the next phase of the 300 million dollars project for the Rowan Boulevard, a parking area is also part of the plans to rise as well as the growth of a mixed-use building. These plans will be part of the transformation of the place close and neighboring the Rowan University.

The transformation is expected to generate and produce a better environment that could help in propping up the economy of the certain place.

It was also said by the officials that there are two eateries that are assumed to launch this summer season in the Whitney Center, the first mixed-use building of the project. The said Whitney Center just opened during the season of fall and it already contains one restaurant and is a house to the 280 learners.

The Councilman of Glassboro named George Cossabone believed that the construction of hotels and similar type of infrastructures in the area will be the start of the purpose of Rowan Boulevard and he also foretold that the area will gain a huge market and it will be a destination for dining. He also added that the transformation is the much awaited thing of everyone.

The phase of the project is expected to be finished by September 2013.

Once the project of Rowan Boulevard is already finished, it is believed to provide a 185,000 square feet of space for the marketing and merchandising industry. On the other hand, it is also expected that more than 300,000 square feet will be for the housing industry and the 40,000 square feet will be provided for office spaces.


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