The Grinch Eye Doctor of Cinnaminson:

glasses and letters

A young, teen girl recenlty went to the eye doctor today at Eye Care Physicians & Surgeons of New Jersey in Cinnaminson. She was getting her yearly checkup and it wasn’t a very good checkup for her. She’s been going to this place for 6 years now and today, it just so happens it wasn’t very friendly.

She was getting her eyes checked by two doctors. The first one was examining her eyes and asking her a few questions. The conversation went like this with the 1st doctor:

Doc: “do you wear contacts?”

Teen Patient: “no”.

Doc“do you wear your glasses?”


Doc“at all?”


A few minutes later…..

Doc: “how long has it been since you haven’t wore your glasses”?

Teen: “a few months now”.

Doc: “are you having any problems with your vision?”

Teen Patient“no. I can see fine”.

Doc“okay, the doctor will be here any moment now.”

Teen: “okay”.

Of course, she was very puzzled on why she didn’t wear her glasses, but she stood quiet.

So, then Doctor Laurie L. Kessler came. Now the conversation gets very interesting. After she had said her greetings, the conversation went on like this:

Doc Kessler“so, who told you not to wear your glasses anymore?

Teen“I made that decision myself”.

Doc“oh, okay”….

Teen“because glasses doesn’t improve vision”.

Teen“but glasses helps you to see better”.

Me“yes, glasses helps you to see better, but it doesn’t help improve your vision”.

eye doctor chair

The teen girl says that she should of recorded the entire conversation because it would have been perfect for her records. But then, she went on about how it’s just a natural reaction to see numbers with fingers clearly, I’m always going to be nearsighted because that’s in my genes, that it’s a genetics thing, it’s a myth that taking off your glasses will help you see better but it really doesn’t, and it tricks your mind into thinking that you see better when you don’t. Dr. Kessler was just saying negative things about her eyes.

examining eyes


Teen: “well my vision has gotten better with not wearing my glasses”.

Dr. Kessler: “your vision has not gotten better. It has gotten worse. We have the records”.

Teen: I was thinking to myself, “WHAT??!! Worse?! It has gotten better and I told her I can see clearer”. Then she proceeded to tell me all negative things about my vision. She also didn’t even explain nor showed me my records.

Dr. Kessler: “you won’t be able to pass your driver’s test, your class vision test, no matter what you do or eat its just a genetics thing. Glasses will help. I’m not saying you’ll be like this the rest of your life. All I’m saying is that you won’t improve your vision by not wearing your glasses. You can’t just force yourself.”

Teen: “well, I’m going to get my vision back.”

Laurie Kessler: “no, it’s unfortunate that will happen with the genes” and what not. 

Basically, she was just telling her things she won’t be able to do. Dr. Kessler did not say one positive comment about her vision. The teen says that she wasn’t just going to sit there and let a doctor tell her that she’s not going to get her vision back. Then she made her read letters on a card and told her to read the smallest line that she can comfortably read. She did read the smallest line clearly with confidence without a problem. Before, she wasn’t able to read the smallest line at all! As she was reading the last 2 letters, she already started to take the card out my hand. She did not give me any credit on how my vision has improved and how she was able to read the smallest numbers and letters. The teen felt Dr. Kessler’s tension on her. 

eyes letters and numbers chart

Laurie Kessler was a rude doctor. The teen patient says that Laurie did not want to help her vision. All the doctor wanted to do was prove her point at how glasses improves vision, did not treat the teen like a kind doctor would, and she almost put the eye inspector ray in the patient’s eye (which is not suppose to go inside her eyes and the teen thinks Laurie did it on purpose because she was mad). The teen most definitely does not recommend having her as a doctor.

She had asked the teen’s dad what he thinks of his daughter not wearing her glasses, and he said that he was supporting her in her decision, he has seen improvement too, the father says that his daughter has done her research so she knows what she is doing, he’s not going to force his daughter to do something, and it’s her decision. Dr. Kessler stood quiet and handed the patient her prescription and just said, she was good for another year. Dr. Kessler walked the teen and her dad to the front desk and walked away all madly. 

Then after the teen came out the eye doctor’s, the teen and her dad stopped by the grocery store and as they were coming out, from the entrance of the store, the teen was able to see clearly a FedEx truck and objects were clearer. She says she was able to see the FedEx truck about 1,000 feet away! Her dad was shocked at how his daughter was able to see that truck from far away. They both could not believe at how Dr. Kessler lied to his daughter and told her that her vision got worse. Before the teen says she wasn’t able to see 100 feet away, and now she is able to able 1,000 feet away! She wasn’t able to see things that were really close by. But now, she can see objects much further now. The teen says she has done lots of research, so she knows what she is talking about. She has heard and read many amazing stories of raw vegans (like her), whom got their visions back on the raw food diet. “Fruits and vegetables improves vision – not glasses or contacts”, says the teen patient. Oh, but Dr. Kessler told her that no matter what she does or what she eats, she won’t get her vision back, unless she wear glasses. Well, the teen says she knows for a FACT that she will get her vision back – WITHOUT glasses or contacts. She will get her vision back naturally.  

glasses and contacts

The teen knows her vision and it has definitely improved. The teen says she doesn’t need a doctor to tell her otherwise. Research says that glasses DO NOT improve vision. Glasses only makes your vision weaker. Yes, glasses helps you to see – but not improve your vision. She will get her vision back; and when she does, she should go back and prove her wrong! That was the teen’s plan. The teen says,”don’t let doctors tell you that you can’t, won’t, or anything negative. That should motivate you to come back stronger”.  The teen says that you can do anything that your heart desires. Dr. Kessler reminds the teen of the grinch. The eye doctor grinch who wants to steal her belief that she will get her vision back. “She is the rude the doctor of Cinnaminson”, says the teen. The teen says, “As long as you have faith and believe, your mind will achieve that goal”!

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