EyeSmart Safety Guidelines To Prevent Such Eye Injuries From Fireworks

The event in July 4, 2012 is fast approaching. As it goes nearer, barbecue arrangements are also in progress. Somehow, the celebration of Independence Day may be incomplete if there is no fireworks display. Fireworks are a part of the traditional way on how most people celebrate Independence Day.

The beauty of the night sky became more beautiful when the fireworks light up the sky above. It is undeniably pleasant to the eyesight but on the other hand, it is also unsafe and hazardous because some people already got hurt because of fireworks. It is an unfortunate fact the most of the people who were hurt by the fireworks are the kids and young adults.

Just by hearing those facts about the danger that fireworks can give, and before we celebrate the Independence Day, it is recommended to get our EyeSmart fireworks tips intended to provide us safety and security from the American Academy of Opthalmology.

Every single year, it has been reported that there are approximately 9,000 injuries related to fireworks. The 21 percent of the said number of injuries goes to the eye-related hurts and unfortunately, more than half of the sufferers are young adults and children. For instance:

There is a boy, 12 years old, who disremembered to tear open the fuse of a fountain firework. Therefore, the fuse became too short and the firework exploded just about closely to his face. The 12-year-old boy got a serious injury to his eye.

For us to avoid eye damages whether it is severe or not here are the following EyeSmart guidelines:

  • Fireworks are not recommended for children. Any type of fireworks should be taken away from children.
  • It is suggested that when you are viewing fireworks display, you must be at least 500 feet away from it.
  • Children and young adults should not be the one who would light up the fireworks. It is much better to leave it to some trained people.
  • Do not get pissed when there are safety barriers when you are viewing fireworks display because it is for your own sake.
  • If there would be a case that a firework did not explode, do not touch it. It is recommended to call a police department or your local fire so they would be knowledgeable about it.



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