The Victim Is Still Free From Charges After The Stabbing Incident At His Drug Deal

Last July 1, Derek Thomas stabbed a Cinnaminson man after the said apparent controlled dangerous substance transaction. As of this particular moment, Derek Thomas is living his life freely even though he stabbed someone. There are no certain charges that are being filed in contradiction of Derek Thomas.

Derek Thomas who is 20 years of age decided to go to Cinnaminson Harbour for him to meet a 17 years of age man last Sunday for them to conduct the drug transaction. According to the police, the deal happened in an exposed zone after the Nathan Drive in Cinnaminson Harbour. Cinnaminson Harbour is a condominium complex off River Road in the East Riverton division of the town.

The main reason why the police arrived in the area is because they received a call from a citizen near that area stating that a suspicious individual was knocking the neighborhood’s door and seeking for help.

It was believed that Derek Thomas was part of the drug deal with the minor suspect and it is also assumed that the young suspect was the one who stabbed him in the chest and also stole his belongings like the cellular phone, wallet, money and even the drugs that he bought from him.

As the investigation was on going, the police well ahead recognized and arrested the minor suspect and since he was a minor, no information were released but he was sent to a detention center for youngsters.

Even though Thomas was stabbed, he still became a part of the drug transaction deal. Although, it is still indefinite this time if he will be charged.

The condition of Thomas is still unknown but he was already sent to the Cooper University Hospital last Sunday in the evening. His condition is still unidentified because they are executing the privacy rights of the patient.

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