Criminal Information System Now Available

It is a very witty move.

There is already a record that is searchable. This record contains the list of names of the criminals as well as their sentences in New Jersey Superior Court. At the present time, it is available at the website of the state Judiciary.

The Criminal Conviction Public Access system made available for the people to access to info for every single case that was filed after the year 1994. The end users can hunt by means of using the docket number or name and search the reason behind the suspect’s conviction. Some information like their birth dates, home base, as well as their SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) numbers were also provided in order to avoid or to lessen the misidentification in the identities of the suspects. On the other hand, the censored cases and the cases that are not yet decided are not accessible in the provided information system.

According to the acting administrative director of the courts, Judge Glenn A. Grant, the feature that has been added to the state Judiciary’s website is a widespread movement in order for the public to be involved since the information and records are now available online and accessible by the general public.

It is not the first feature that the Judiciary provided in the first few months because the information system of criminals as well as their charges is accessible online is just one of the many available convenient web-based public access systems. The state is continuing to be more persistent in their present resources so that the general public can access the information in a convenient way and to provide transparency. The web visitors in the state website of Judiciary can also explore he status of civil cases; find the registration index of the attorney.

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