Two Victims Died Because Of The Arson Fire

It has been confirmed by the authorities that one of the two wounded last week in an alleged burning blaze is a Camden High School student.

Last Thursday, they experts have been successfully identified who is one of the victims through the usage of the dental records. It has been confirmed that one of the victim is a 15 years of age guy named Kenneth Holmes Jr. If it was confirmed that it is Kenneth Holmes Jr., the other victim is still in the process of identifying through the usage of DNA analysis.

The relatives and friends of Holmes Jr. as well as his girlfriend named Qua’Nyra “Nyra” Houston were in a deep sorrow when the two bodies were pulled out from the home that was eaten by the blaze.

Last Wednesday in the evening, the close friends and the relatives gathered all together to honor the two victims at the Camden waterfront. A Facebook page was provided for the couple that gains posts and contributions that could help the families of both victims. Another Facebook page was also provided to help the families to cater the needed funds for their services for the funeral.

Even though the authorities did not confirm that the other body was Houston, the family believed that it was her body.

Kenneth Holmes Jr. was a famous teen when he was still alive because he is one of the students who are doing well at school. Actually, he finished the year of being a freshman with an average grade of 3.0 in which he was almost the top of the class where he belong.

It was really a big disappointment because since he was doing good in school, one of his family relatives promised him to sponsor his college education but it will not be done now because he got killed because of the arson fire.

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