Evesham Police Decided To Conduct An Investigation About A Man Who Offered A Ride To A 15-Year-Old Girl

An investigation was decided to take place by the police of the Evesham Township because an incident happened concerning an unknown man and a minor girl.

Just this afternoon, a girl who has the age of 15 years old met a man riding on his van. The said man was reported to the police that he was offering and attracting the child to ride her vehicle and said that she will just offer her a ride on the way to her home.

It was sort of a plan. The Evesham police learned from the child that as soon as the child went off from her school bus, the van hurriedly came to the girl to offer her a ride to her home through the means of the white cargo van of the unknown man. According to the Evesham police, the child went off from the school bus at the intersection of Coventry Circle and Kings Grant Drive just about 12:15 inĀ  the afternoon.

The girl also said to the police that the man on his van pulled up in conjunction with her as he stopped his vehicle and commanded the child in a yelling manner that she should get inside the van because he will take her home.

The unknown man with a white cargo van was described as a white man who was just about 50 years of age. The white male was also pronounced that he has a dark colored and short trimmed beard teamed with his hair that is colored with a salt and pepper shade.

According to the police, the white cargo van was last seen on his way to the west on the Coventry Circle.

For those people who have a detail or any information about the incident, it is suggested and recommended for you to share your knowledge about it to the Evesham Police Department through contacting them at this number: (856) 983-1116.

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