7-Eleven Slurpees For Free On Their 85th Birthday

Are you feeling so hot because of the blazing temperature and want to feel some coolness to wipe away all of your sweets and be away from the blazing fires of the temperature? Well, I have a good news for you because the 7-Eleven will provide free Slurpees for every single customer as they celebrate the 7-Eleven day, their 85th birthday.

Who does not want free Slurpees? If there are people who do not want such Slurpees, their quantity can be overpowered by the quantity of people who love Slurpees especially now that they are free from charges.

This July 11, 2012, on all corners of the country there are over and above 8,000 7-Eleven sites that will set some Slurpees that do not require a cost from 11:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening as a part of celebrating their significant day.

Despite the fact that it is free, you still need to exert effort in going to your nearest 7-Eleven locations for you to be able to assure yourself that you can avail the free Slurpees because a lot of people will come, there is a big possibility that the stock will ran out.

If you will go their late, it is really probable that you will lose because a lot of people will visit 7-Eleven for the reason that the temperature is blazing warm and the Slurpees are free of charge.

According to a specific website, if you will not be able to get some of those free Slurpees, you can try to avail their birthday donut.

The surprises of 7-Eleven do not simply stop on the free Slurpees because there are also the rewards in which in Wednesday, two free reward points will be given to the customer who will avail every free cup.

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