Even Though He Was The Victim, The Cinnaminson Man Was Also Charged

There is a new development on the stabbing incident that was occurred a couple of days ago. The incident involves Derek Thomas and a 17 year old guy who has not been identified because he is still a minor.

It all started when the Cinnaminson man Derek Thomas, 20 years of age, decided to meet with the teenage boy for a drug deal but unfortunately, it seems that something went wrong on the drug deal because Thomas did not get his supposed drugs and all of his belongings including his wallet, money, and cellular phone was took away by the teenage boy and also stabbed him.

The unidentified young boy was sent to a detention center for teenagers and he still remained identified. No such information was given away to the general public to protect his identiy since he is only a minor. On the other hand, he will face all of the charges that were filed against him. The charges are the following: aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a weapon, theft, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and robbery.

While the minor was sent to a juvenile locking up area, Thomas was sent to the hospital to cure all his wounds.

At the time that he will be discharge from the hospital, he will face the charges to him because of his involvement with the drug deal. He was accused of possessing drugs that are also considered as dangerous substance and because of the drugs, he was also accused that there was an intention to distribute the dangerous substance.

Even though he may be the victim of the stabbing incident, he must still face the charges that involve him because of being a part of the drug deal at the Cinnaminson Harbour that gave him the pains of stabs.

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