A North Jersey Man Was Sentenced For Brutally Beating Up His Wife Through Using Cable Wire

A man from North Jersey received a verdict of 22 years of state imprisonment because of beating his own wife through the usage of cable wire.

The prosecutors of Essex County stated that the man with the name of Trevor Rodrigues, a 32 years of age guy from East Orange, should oblige over and above 13 years of the time imposed on Wednesday before he will be to qualify in posting a bail. For the past month, a jury already sentenced him with several charges that include the following: weapons offenses, aggravated result and terroristic threats.

The prosecutors also stated that the sentences restricted from his repetitive abuse that happened during a span of 25 days from the month of December last 2010 until January 2011. They said that the accused man is fond of hurting and beating up his wife in a brutal manner through using the cable wire when he became irritated and pissed with his 31 years of age wife.



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