AAA Mid-Atlantic: Gas prices in descending development

The scene may somehow be in picture in New Jersey for the increasing prices of gas.

According toAAAMid-Atlantic, the increasing gas prices have made their seasonal weakening, all the same a month later than the usual. The recent figures of the auto association display that the gas prices in New Jersey have dropped to 8 cents from a week ago, to $3,70 for a gallon of the regular unleaded gasoline.

On a national scale, the averages have dropped 9 cents to $3.73 per gallon. From a month ago, that’s down 13 cents. However, 25 cents up still from a year ago. The average gas prices are up 33 cents in New Jersey from a year ago.

Tracy Noble, who is the spokesperson of AAA Mid-Atlantic, stated that with the exception of any unanticipated and unpredicted measures in the North Africa or Middle East, the gas prices have to carry on to fall down the following two to three months.

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