A Man From Paulsboro Is Responsible For Murdering Aged Woman

There is a man from Paulsboro, New Jersey for the crime of killing a district lady with the age of 79. In March, the said lady was found lifeless in her home.

Last Friday during a press conference, the Gloucester Country Prosecutor, Sean Dalton, pronounced that the detectives did an investigation and they have ended in connecting the physical indications in the murder case to the long-time suspect named Samuel Kevin Davis, encouraging the murder responsibility

Another murder case was about a native of England named Thirza Sweeten who was also found without life her some last March 19 at South Delaware Avenue. Actually, Davis is friends with the adult son of Sweeten and he is also familiar with her.

According to the authorities, Davis, who is 45 years of age and also located at the 200 block of Swedesboro Avenue, Paulsboro, NJ, was detained by the police of Paulsboro when the body of Thirza Sweeten was found for worsening to record as a sex offender.

Davis is staying at the Gloucester Country Jail for a couple of months now since he was arrested by the police last March.

Until now, the reason for the killing incidents is still unknown. According to Dalton, even though the objective of the suspect is still unclear he detailed that the connection of Davis to the family is not well thought-out as an unplanned matter.

The reason for the murder cases is not stealing because the investigators did not find single evidence as an indicator that something in the house was stolen.

According to the autopsy that was conducted, it was found that the cause of Sweeten’s death is because of a direct and severe force suffering. It was also believed that the weapon used for the killing was recovered but Dalton did not agree to let the general public know the specific object.

The family relatives of the elderly woman stated that the adult son, who is friends with Davis, was living in the same home as well but unfortunately, he was at the hospital that time. It was assumed that one of the last people in Sweeten’s home is Davis.

After the incident, the detectives conducted an interview after the death of Sweeten in which there are around two dozen of persons who participated. There was a physical evidence that was sent to the crime laboratory of the state police and that evidence accorded to Davis.

The police records of the state showed that Davis was already on the record. He was recognized as a Tier 2 sex offender for his sentence on responsibilities because of the reason that she attacked two grown-up women in 1999.

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