Webcam Spying Heightened Tyler Clementi’s Depressions That Caused Him To Commit Suicide

Tyler Clementi, who is a student studying at Rutger’s University with the age of 18, was assumed by his family that he murdered his own body because his roommate allegedly used a webcam to witness an intimate scene.

Jane Clementi, Tyler’s mother, pronounced that the embarrassment and the disgrace that he felt caused his son to do the awful act. He felt humiliated because the moments of Tyler kissing another man were witnessed by his dorm mates and his roommates, and the awful thing that they did is that they were laughing and mocking him behind Tyler’s back. Mrs. Clementi added that before he jumped off from the George Washington Bridge, he viewed the Twitter page of his roommate in which the activities of Tyler were announced.

Last Thursday night, Jane Clementi guested on the NCS’s “Rock Center” in which she was accompanied by her husband and one of the living siblings of Tyler. In their first ever interview, their conversation went on their perception on homosexuality and on the perceived notion pressure hearing of the roommate of Tyler. In the interview, they honestly admitted that their understanding that concerns about homosexuality changed.

The roommate of Tyler named Dharun Ravi, who is already 20 years of age, was convicted. He faced the 15 criminal charges and that consist of the bias intimidation.

Dharun Ravi was sent to jail for only 30 days even though a judge could actually sentence him to stay in jail for up to 10 years. However, Ravi did not stay behind the bars for 30 days. He was set free and only stayed at the jail for 20 days because he got an acknowledgment for his good behavior during his stay. On the other hand, Ravi was not charged to Tyler’s death.

Tyler’s death became the eye-opener and the representation of the consequences of the unforgiving behaviors that the young gays are receiving from the close-minded people.

The evangelical Christian parents of Tyler admitted that their perception on the issue of homosexuality altered when their gay son died.

At first when they found out that Tyler wa gay, of course it is not easy for them. It is not easy on their part. Tyler went out of the closet admitted the fact to his parents before he started studying at Rutgers University.

Joe Clementi, father of Tyler Clementi, said that the sins of a person should not be based on homosexuality. The parents as well as their children should bear in mind that homosexuals are not broken.

The brother of Tyler named James Clementi, who is also gay, stated that his brother was understood that he committed suicide because of the webcam spying that aggravated his depressions.


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