The Broadway’s Season Of Rabbits

It is definitely a different season on the environment of Broadway because it is the season of rabbits.

If you are thinking that Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd have accompanied Mickey Mouse, Shrek, and Dora the Explorer in receiving and welcoming visitors from all over the world across Times Square, you are thinking the wrong way. They did not join them or in any case, not yet.

On the other hand, if you will go to Studio 54 you can view the Mary Chase’s Pulitzer Prize appealing play. “Harvey”, in which it has been recovered and relived dating back to 1970 on Broadway.

A lot of people are familiar of the story because it was displayed on the big screen version which stars Jimmy Stewart. Jimmy Stewart portrayed the role of Elwood P. Dowd, who is an easy going and a kind type of person. In the film form, he is a man who is already 39 years old who has a rabbit best friend that is invisible and who only stand with the height of 6 feet. The name of the rabbit is Harvey.

In the new production, Jim Parsons, one of the actors of the famous television show The Big Bang Theory, did an outstanding and brilliant work because his role is definitely not an easy task.

Of course, it would be not appropriate to compare someone to Stewart. But then again, it is very unquestionable that the show gives you the impression of a wholehearted and warm feeling. And not to forget, this Elwood Down is incontrovertibly a faultless gentleman.

The sister of Elwood, Veta, is having problems because she cannot get what she wants because her brother is living with him. She wants to be famous, recognized, acknowledge and most of all, to be appreciated in the general public.

Because a lot of questions are bothering the people around Elwood like if he is really crazy or if he’s going like that because she misses her mother, and also due to the irritation of Veta, Elwood was sent to a health clinic. Even though Veta loves him so much she thought that it would be much better if Elwood would go to a sanitarium.

The best part of the show was when the Doctor explained what he thinks. Veta was so stressed out after hearing that the Doctor thinks that Elwood does not have a problem instead she was the one. Veta’s expressive responses and feedbacks to the scenes were really entertaining.

Honor and praise must be given to Director Scott Ellis for making the classic work of Chase a nice piece of art.

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