New Development Regarding The Millville Officer’s Death

The tracking down began after the police cruiser’s car was struck by the suspect.  Unfortunately, it ended on a tragic manner after the Officer Christopher W. Reeves answer back as a backup for his social group and his vehicle bump into with the bolting vehicle.

Last Tuesday, the Millville police provided some new particulars regarding with the rapid sequence of events that cause the officer, 40 years old, to meet his sudden death.

It all began last early Sunday neighboring the streets of Harrison and Buck when Timothy W. Seidel II, 23 years of age, struck the black Toyota Scion rear door as he was driving into the police cruiser.

According to Lt. Edward Zadroga, he stated that it all started early Sunday near Buck and Harrison streets when 23-year-old Timothy W. Seidel II crashed the black Toyota Scion hatchback he was driving into a police cruiser.

He added that a pursuit by the police was hurriedly followed once Seidel moved one black east, going to the part of the streets of Harrison and High.

He insisted that it was certainly a pursuit by their men.

Seidel was a man from Laurel Lake and he also just recently sent an application for him to be one of the Millville police officers. Due to the incident, he is still critical at the moment.

The events ended after the vehicle of Seidal crashed to the cruiser of Reeves specifically on the side of te driver at the streets of 3rd and Broad.

According to the police authorities, Reeves was getting ready for him to turn left in the 3rd street for him to be able to join as a backup for his colleagues but unfortunately, that was the time in which he got hit and to end the chain of events, he sadly died on the scene.

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