Friday The 13th in Cinnaminson

How was your day last Friday? Did the so called misfortune visit you since it’s the 13th?

A lot of people believed that Friday the 13th in Cinnaminson is really a bad luck but some people were not on the same manner as theirs.

On the other hand, here are some of the facts that you should know about Friday the 13th.

  1. If you are one of the people that have a fear to the 13th number, you may probably have the type of phobia called triskaidekaphobia. On the other hand, if you do have a fear on the Friday the 13th, you may probably have the paraskavedekatriaphobia.
  2. The people have an idea of 13 as an unlucky number and Friday as the most unfortunate day. That is the reason behind why Friday the 13th is considered as a day of misfortune.

Even though a huge number of the population believed that they should fear Friday the 13th, some people considered it as an ordinary day.

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