A Wedding Day Did Not End That Too Well Because Of The Three Women Who Assaulted Another Lady

Wedding days were supposed to be a happy event for the bride and the groom as well as for those people who attended the celebration but not everything happened as what we expected.

During a wedding day, an awful incident occurred involving four women. The happening took place at the bathroom in The Merion, where the wedding reception was celebrated.

According to the police, there were three women who were believed that attacked and battered the fourth involved women.

The victim was identified as Catherine Waterfield. She was the one who called the police and told them about the stories on how she was assaulted at the bathroom of a certain wedding that he went to.

Catherine Waterfield was at a local hospital where the injuries that she committed were treated then finally, she was released because those injuries were only minor. She even stated that on the reception, she decided to go the bathroom but then the three women suspects followed me.

By the way, the police authorities responded to the incident by searching for the suspects and fortunatelty, the suspects were identified under the identity of Nicolette Rutter, Laurel Springs, Nicole Julua and Alexis Julia.

All of the following suspects were facing the result of their action on assaulting the Waterfield.

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